There has never been a better time to invest in physical precious metals. Precious metals provide strong, long-term investments that remain stable and continue to grow.

Why Invest in Physical Previous Metals?

History has taught us that precious metals provide a safe investment in times of economic and political upheaval. Reasons to own the physical product include:

  • Precious metals maintain their value, even during challenging financial conditions
  • The value of precious metals can never reduce to zero as they are a physical asset
  • The price of precious metals grows as demand from billions of new consumers increases

How Does It Work?

Worldwide Precious Metals helps you invest in physical bullion by providing:

  • Access to worldwide refineries and banking facilities
  • Storage for your bullion
  • Programs to borrow against your equity
  • Flexibility to buy and sell whenever you wish
  • Personal delivery - you physically receive your bullion
  • Services to move any bullion in your possession into an account with us

What Do I Get With Worldwide Precious Metals That I Wouldn't Get With Another Firm?

Opening an account with Worldwide Precious Metals means that you will have access to:

  • Guidance from our investing experts
  • Up-to-the-minute market quotes
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Placing buy and sell stop orders at levels that you choose
  • Buying and selling your bullion in as large or little quantities as you decide
  • Collateral loan facilities
  • Monthly statements and our latest research reports
  • Secure online access to your account

To get started on your own precious metals investment portfolio, call us at 1-866-623-2002, or complete our Information Request Form.

"My Name is Harold Seigel, President of rare colored diamonds and I have been doing a financial radio show for over 20 years, as heard on CNN, CBC and Rush Limbaugh."

"My views on hard assets such as precious metals and diamonds are well known and should you consider precious metals, Worldwide Precious Metals Canada is the only company you should contact. I have personally known John Downes (President) for over 15 years, and have known his colleagues for well over 10. They are without doubt a company that operates with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism that I know. I hereby recommend 100% that you should deal only with this company should you wish to secure physical precious metals for your portfolio"

Harold Seigel
President of Rare Colored Diamonds
Host of World Financial Report

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